NEW WEBSITE has gone through some major changes over the last couple days! We hope you enjoy the new website. With the new site comes a “new” newsletter (mailing list). If you are currently subscribed to our newsletter and still want to receieve emails from us, you will need to re-subscribe to our “new” newsletter. If you do not subscribe to the “new” newsletter, you will no longer receive emails from us. You can join our “new” newsletter by clicking the link to the newsletter in the left hand column of the website.

You can now also register for our site. By registering, it will allow you to leave comments with a desired username when registered and logged in. Registration is not required. You can still comment without registration, but it will require you to fill out a bit of information each time you leave a comment. There may be other special features with the site coming in the future, where it will benefit you to be registered on our site. You can register here:

**Our message board remains a separate feature of our website and your password will remain the same there.